Born 2005 - 07 - 28

(Ch Fullerton Dream Mover x Catchacre Evangeline of Meandi)


We have been to the SKK Int in Malmö, judge Mr Dymock Glenway, Australia

Ch Meandi Chase The Dream was 2nd in championclass and went Best Dog 2nd. Chase also had his very first progeny-group out of two bitches and got a HP!

CHASE on the table in Malmö

Here is a new photo of Chase on the table at the Int SKK show in Växjö. on Nov.2nd  2008. Judge David Miller, USA.

Chase was 2nd in the championclass with a ck.

Ch Meandi Chase The Dream beeing examined by the judge, David Miller, USA


These two photos of Chase were  taken by Annika Janzon, when Chase was gaining his ch.title.

These six photos are all taken by Rebecca Phillips-Griffiths at Mariefred 2006



Chase, 14 months old

Chase got the CC and was Best Dog 2 under Mrs A-M Curran, Australia in Västerås

Chase, one year old


Chase made his debut in juniorclass at Bosjökloster, 9,5  months old

judges: Mr Alec Mackenzie, SvVK and

Anette Gåvsten,    SW


Chase  was 2nd , hp, in jkl under Mr Mackenzie

Below some pics from  the whippetclub show where Chase won the juniorclass

and went Best Dog -3 under Anette Gåvsten, Exlegio knl (photos:Lisa Johansson)


Chase, 8 months


Chase, 8 months


Chase is now 7 months old

Chase,  7 months

Chase, 6 months old

Chase,  6 months old

Chase, 5 months old

Headstudy of Chase, 5 months old

Chase 4,5 months old

Chase 3,5 months old


Chase 13 weeks old, just after his arrival  in Sweden


Chase 8 weeks old


 I am very proud to present my new little boy from England and I send lots of

THANK YOU ! to Di Morgan (Meandi) for letting me have the pick of the litter 

(6+2  - and all the boys are entire!).  I will also thank Mary Davies (Pasharif )

and Helen Wayman (Scarletfair) for making this possible.                                



Ch Fullerton Dream Mover                                     Catchacre Evangeline of Meandi


   I have met the lovely Dream Mover "Fergal", as Major Bailey very kindly 

let me come and see his beautiful whippets and "Fergal"  has proved

himself to be an outstanding stud dog. Evangeline "Evie" is such a lovely

bitch and apart from having won res.CC:s herself, she is a littersister

to GB.Ir.Ch Catchacre Tiger Lily at Barnesmore (BOB at Crufts under

Espen Engh and Rainer Vuorinen) and to Catchacre Fieldsman,CC-winner.


 Meandi  Chase The Dream Ch Fullerton Dream Mover GB.Austr.NZ Ch Nevedith Rare Rogue Dumbriton Joking Apart
Ch Nevedith Justa Joy
Silkstone Kiss of Fire Ch Pencloe Dutch Gold
Ch Firedance at Silkstone
Catchacre Evangeline of Meandi

(reserv CC:s)


Ch Cobyco Cavalier Hillsdown Fergal
Oakbark Mistletoe and Wine
Barnesmore Indian Magic at Catchacre GB.Ir.Ch Barnesmore Chirakawa
Ir.Ch Barnesmore Painted Lady