Litter nr 10 by SUCh Aurellas Elton x Khalibadh Regndroppe 

6 + 1  Born 2001-05-09


Ch Khalibadh Majsol, owner Ulla Engberg (got the "Trippelpris" 2006!)

On the photo Gaxe is shown by Morgan Slätt going BIG-4


Elton and Maja


Maja with one of her newborn sons


Khalibadh Majsol                                                          Khalibadh Majblomma

Khalibadh Majkung                                                       Khalibadh Majeld

Khalibadh Majgreve                      Khalibadh Majregn

Khalibadh Majbris  


Khalibadh Regndroppe 

"Maja", Khalibadh Regndroppe, comes from the AI-litter by Am Ch Starline´s Reign On out of Int.Nord.Ch Khalibadh Eldstorm.

Due to an early injury, Maja can not be shown anymore, but 3 of her littermates are Champions ,Int & Nord Ch K Regnstorm,      

Ch K Regnbåge , Ch K Regndans and her brother, S LC Ch K Regnmoln, was the very first whippetmale to gain this title  in Sweden and only needs one more CC to finish his showtitle                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Aurella´s Elton

S N Ch Gårdsjöns Göte

Int & Nord Ch Hi´Tor´s Baryshnikov Am Ch Hamrya´s Lucky Charm
Am Ch Hi Tor´s Anna Palova
 S N Ch Gårdsjöns Birgitta Int & Nord Ch Gårdsjöns Sigmund
 N S Ch Gårdsjöns Magdalena
Ch Aurella´s Domina Ch Foxy´s Gråsten Aust Int Nord Ch Statuesque Personlised
Int S N Ch Memoars Cinneraria
Ch Aurella´s Athena Ch Memoars Skipper
Ch Memoars Valetta

Khalibadh Regndroppe

Am Ch Starline's Reign On

Am Ch Hamrya's Lucky Charm

Am Morshor's Majestic Prince JC

Am Ch Hamrya's Moon Scape v Tyobi

Am Ch Ringmaster's Gold Fever

Am Ch Delacreme de la Renta

Gold-Dust's Limited Edition

Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Eldstorm

Int & N Ch Gårdsjöns Frej

Aust & Int Nord Ch Statuesque Personalised

S Ch Gårdsjöns Birgitta

Khalibadh Clarkia

Int Ch Play a While at Peperone

S Ch Gårdsjöns Undra