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 20090315- KHALIBADH SOLSTORM has been mated to Ch KHALIBADH MAJSOL!


 20090202- RASMUS, Khalibadh Snöboll.

20090108- New photo of Khalibadh Dream Storm, Thea, 7 months old!

20081114-New photo of Ch Meandi Chase The Dream, from the Växjö show!

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20080521-A very successful day at the SKK show in Hässleholm ! Go to SHOWS/NEWS

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20070413-PUPPIES have left home, new photos of the girls!

20070326 - PUPPIES  are 7 weeks old, new photos!

20070318 - The PUPPIES are 6 weeks old!

20070311- The PUPPIES are 5 weeks old and up on the table for the first time!

20070303-The PUPPIES are 4 weeks old, new photos!

20070224-Today the PUPPIES are 3 weeks old, new photos!

20070220- the PUPPIES have opened their eyes, new photos!

20070215- photo of the PUPPIES, 12 days old!

Photos of the PUPPIES, 4 days old!

20070203-PUPPIES !  Spider has whelped, 4 dogs and 2 bitches!

20070130- Today SPIDER is 8 weeks in whelp !

20070126- CHASE mated the lovely Ch Coastwind Riders Steffi Graf, owner Inger Carlsson, Klenods.

20070110- CHASE is the father of 4 lovely bitches at INNER-CIRCLES knl.

SPIDER, Khalibadh Solstorm is 6 weeks pregnant and very obviously in whelp!

We have new photos of some of the puppies from the SOL-litter.

20070106- COSMO, Khalibadh Solglimt wins his 2nd CC  and is BH-2 under Mrs Britt Schöne Brodwall, Norway at the SvVK show in Gothenburg.

We hope for PUPPIES !  early next year, Khalibadh Solstorm, 2 CC:s has been mated to Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe

Thanks to Rebecca Phillips-Griffiths, knl Astri, England, we have got a whole bunch of photos of Chase at Mariefred.

New photo of Chase, Meandi Chase The Dream, now 14 months old.


Khalibadh Solstorm, Spider, was BT-2 and gained her 2nd CC at the SKK show on Öland on the 2nd of September. Judge: Nenne Runsten, Airescot


The Khalibadh breeder group was best group in the breed in Norrköping.

At the SKK Int show in Nyköping (Elisabet Janzon) Gaxe, Ch Khalibadh Majsol went BH-2 and Cosmo, Khalibadh Solglimt was BH-3. Smilla, Khalibadh Snöstorm was 2nd , ck , in open.


At the SKK Int show in Ronneby last Saturday, Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe went BOS and got his second CACIB. His mother, Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm was Best Veteran and BT-2.


The big show in Mariefred is over and  K Solstorm "Spider" and  K Solglimt "Cosmo" did very well, both went reserv in two huge open classes, both with CK

Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm, Gullan was placed 3rd in veteran both days


In Västerås Meandi Chase The Dream " Chase "went BH-2 and got the CC under Mrs Ann-Marie Curran, Australia


In Högbo, Sandviken, K Solglimt got the CC the third day under Mr Kenneth Edh and was 2nd in open under Mr Åke Cronander the day before.

At the same show K Höststorm was 2nd in open under Mr Cronander  on the second day.

K Solstorm was 2nd in open under Mr Kenneth Edh and K Snöstorm was 2nd, 3rd and 4th in open during the 3 days


Khalibadh Snögubbe "Chippen" won the CC and BOS both days at Tvååker and gained his championtitle under Mr Ray Lindholm


Ch Khalibadh Majsol "Gaxe" gained his championtitle under Dr G Bodegård at the big Stockholm show last December