It has been a long time since we updated on this page, but here are some wonderful news :

Our new puppies, Khalibadh Vinterstorm and Khalibadh Vintermåne (own. Anita Karlström, Titti Karlström & Agneta Kappers ) have been out twice:

Vinterstorm has gone BOB puppy both times and Vintermåne BOS also twice.  My "Mossa" Khalibadh Vinterstorm

has gone Best in Show Puppy all breeds both times! The puppies made their debute in Åseda, 4 months and 3 days old!

Mossa winning BIS under judge Kjell Carnbrand in Skillingaryd

Mossa winning Best In Show in Åseda, judge Cecilia Brolin


KHALIBADH SKOGSVIOL has taken two CC:s in a row! The first was given to her by Barbara Ruth Smith in Malmö on the 20th of March

where "Mynta" went BT-2. The second CC and BOS she got under judge Elisabeth Janzon at Österbybruk o the 27th of May!

Ch Twyborn Big Ben, BOB and Khalibadh Skogsviol, BOS with judge Elisabet Janzon



We have been to the SKK Int show in Malmö! Go to Dream-litter and Ch Meandi Chase The Dream!




Vill gärna visa några bilder på Rasmus, Khalibadh Snöboll, som så tragiskt förolyckades i helgen.Tack alla underbara människor, som så fantastiskt ställde upp för matte Titti Karlström och hennes mamma Anita. En underbart snäll liten hund är borta i förtid och jag  minns en liten god valp och sörjer så med Titti och Anita.




The big puppy-show in Malmö, 20081109, judge Annette Bystrup, Denmark:

4 of the puppies from the latest litter were there and were placed 1st and 2nd in 4-6 months!

Khalibadh Dream Chaser , own Susanne Thell won his class and went BOS puppy

Khalibadh Dream Catcher, own Martina and Marianne Walter was 2nd to him.

Khalibadh Dream Storm, own. breeder, won her class and sister Khalibadh Dreamy ,own. Christina Johnson, was 2nd to her!

Khalibadh Dream Storm, Thea, 5 months old.

At the SKK Int in Växjö on the 2nd of November we had a great day!!!

Judge was Mr David Miller, USA and the entry was 91 whippets!

BOB and 3rd in the Group was my marvellous "Gullan"-


and she did it once again from the veteranclass, almost 11 years old!!!

BOS to her was Ch KHALIBADH MAJSOL, owner Ulla Engberg

The young Khalibadh Stormvarning won the intermed.class. He is owned by Maria Brisvall.

We also won the breedersclass and just guess, if we had a wonderful day!

Here some photos from the show:



A happy dog and owner: "Gaxe", Ch Khalibadh Majsol with owner, Ulla Engberg (photo Mathias Wendt)


We have been to the shows , SvVK Laröd and SKK Sofiero:

At the show in Laröd, judge Maria Veiga, Portugal, Khalibadh Stormvirvel went Best Dog-4 and Ch Khalibadh Regndans was Best Veteranbitch. Below a photo of the two littersisters, Ch K Regndans and Regnstorm:

At Sofiero on the Sunday, judge Jean-Luis Grunheid, France, Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm was Best Veteran! Ch Meandi Chase The Dream went Best Dog-4 and on both days, two of his daughters were placed , Inner Circles Chase Me Now went Best Bitch 5 on the Saturday and Best Bitch 3 on the Sunday!

Gullan winning Best Veteran, almost 11 years old!

Ch Meandi Chase The Dream , Best Dog - 4 at Sofiero

Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe, Chippen, owner Maria Brisvall, Växjö, gained his Danish Championtitle on the 16th of August in Vejen, Denmark, judge: Mrs Diane Besoff, Australia, so now he is a S&DK Ch!


The  "grand old lady", Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm, Gullan, went BOB and BIG-3  from the veteranclass , 10,5 years old, in Ronneby under judge Phillipe Gallardo, Spain on the 10 th of August-08.  Her son, Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe, owner Maria Brisvall, went BOS to his mother! Chippen´s young son, Khalibadh Stormvarning won the ukl with a CK and his litterbrother, Khalibadh Stormvirvel was second to him!

 Ch Khalibadh Majsol, Gaxe, owner Ulla Engberg, Örebro went BOS and got the CACIB  at the SKK Int. in Askersund under judge Elisabet Janzon on the  9th of August -08

To the left, Twyborn Lazy, BOB and Ch Khalibadh Majsol, BOS (photo:Jörgen Oinonen)

 (We have been to the Worldshow in Stockholm!

Int & Nord Ch KHALIBADH REGNSTORM was 3rd in a big Veteranclass, beaten only by two beautiful bitches, one from America and one from Finland. Ch MEANDI CHASE THE DREAM was competing in the championclass and  recieved an EXCELLENT but was not  among the four placed.


          Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm                                    S U Ch Meandi Chase The Dream  


We have been to Tånga Hed on the 14th and 15th of June!

On the SvVK show on the Saturday, judge Pauline Oliver, England , the young dog, KHALIBADH STORMVIRVEL, own. Eva Jonasson, Karlskrona, won the ukl-class and was Best Dog 2 in hard competition!

"Viggo", Khalibadh Stormvirvel, (photo: Jörgen Oinonen)

On the Sunday at the Whippetclubshow, judge Robert Paust,  CH MEANDI CHASE THE DREAM, was Best Dog 2

and Int&Nord CH KHALIBADH REGNSTORM, 10,5 years old, was BIS-VETERAN!

"Gullan", Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm (photo: Jörgen Oinonen)


20080607- KHALIBADH MAJELD, Speed, owner Camilla Höglund, Karlskrona was the total Clubwinner at the SvVK/västras Lurecoursing Clubevent in Kalmar in an entry of 68 dogs!

"Speed" with owner Camilla going Best in Field!

The Höglund family´s other dog, KHALIBADH SNÖMOLN, Peppo, was number 5!


"Peppo"                                                                           "Speed"

At the SvVK show at Bosjökloster 20080524, Int & Nord Ch KHALIBADH REGNSTORM, was BIS-3 Veteran.

Judges: BOB-veteran, Mme Evelyne Desquartiers-Diacquenod, France

BIS-3 veteran, Mrs Maria Teresa Fassio Durando, Italy

"Gullan" at Bosjökloster


We had a very successful day at the SKK show in Hässleholm 20080518, judge Mr Åke Cronander, Sweden.

KHALIBADH STORMVIRVEL, Viggo, got the CC and went BOS

His littersister, KHALIBADH STORMFÅGEL, Birdie, was Best Bitch 4

CH MEANDI CHASE THE DREAM, Chase, won the  Championclass and was Best Dog 2 and

the father of the BOS. CH KHALIBADH SNÖGUBBE , Chippen, was Best Dog 3

Int & Nord CH KHALIBADH REGNSTORM, Gullan, was Best Veteran, BIS-4 Veteran and Best Bitch 2

Below a photo of Khalibadh Stormvirvel taken at the show:

Khalibadh Stormvirvel, Viggo, owner Eva Jonasson, Karlskrona


We have been visiting my daughter and her family over the weekend. Below a typical photo from the visit:

How to get a family and 5 whippets on the same sofa? = Impossible!!!


I have been very lazy uppdating this site lately, but lots of nice things have happened! In November, Int&Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm, Gullan, went Best Veteran in Show at the SKK 3 days event in Växjö! Gullan was also Topwinning Whippet Veteran of the year 2007!

On the 22nd of March, Easter Eve, Gullan and I were invited to the lovely show , VETERAN OF VETERANS, at Grand Hotel in Stockholm to compete among the topwinning veterans in Sweden. We had a really wonderful evening and among 32 veterans Gullan was still competing among the eight best before we had to say Goodbye. Below some photos from the show. Judge was Mr Sergio Pizzorno, Uruguay.


Malmö SKK Int. show, March 2008, judge Lotte Jörgensen, Denmark:

BOS, CACIB, Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe

SKK SOFIERO and SvVK LARÖD on the 8th and 9th of September

Chase got his 3rd CC,  gained his championtitle  and was BH-2 at the SvVK show at Laröd Sept.9th-07 under

judge Rodi Hubenthal, Norway!

The day before he got his second CC and BH-3 at Sofiero SKK under judge Markko Mähonen, Finland.



(photo: Annika Janson)

Chase is now coowned with Eva Hedström, Karlskrona


At the Sofiero-show, Gullan, Int&Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm went BOS from the veteranclass

and her grandson, Khalibadh Stormvirvel was BOB Puppy.

At Laröd, Khalibadh Stormfågel was BOB Puppy and Khalibadh Frostfjäril BOB Veteran!

Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm

Khalibadh Stormfågel (photo taken at Mariefred)


SKK ÖLAND on the 1st of September 2007


under judge Branislaw Rajic, Slovenia! Judge for the puppies: Birthe Scheel, Denmark.

Ch KHALIBADH SNÖGUBBE  (photo: Pirjo Muhonen)



SKK Nyköping on the 19th of August 2007

Cosmo. KHALIBADH SOLGLIMT got his 3rd CC,  gained his championtitle and was BH-4

under judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe.



SKK Ronneby on the 11th of August


Int & Nord Ch KHALIBADH REGNSTORM went BOB and BIG-5 from the veteranclass!



Judge: Sammi Wilson, South Africa

Judge for the puppies: Åke Cronander


We had a wonderful weekend at Tånga Hed on the 16-17th of June 2007!

The 16th of June, judge: Mr Philippe Gallardo, Spain.

 Int & Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm went BOB and BIS-5 from the Veteranclass!

"Gullan" in the Best in Show

Gullan going Best Bitch

Khalibadh Solstorm went 2nd in the open class (17 entries) with CK


The 17th of June, Judge: Berit Lena Grötterud, Norway (Siprex)

Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe wins BOS, Int&Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm wins BIS-Senior and Khalibadh Frostfjäril wins BIS-Veteran!

Ch Khalibadh Snögubbe BOS and Adagio Just Whistle BOB

Khalibadh Frostfjäril BIS-veteran and Ch Delaklin´s Last Boyscout BOS-veteran


Our breeder group was Best group (in the breed) in Norrkoping-06

left to right: Ch K Majsol, K Solglimt, K Solstorm and K Snöstorm

Ch Khalibadh Majsol wins the ch-class in Nyköping and was BH-2


Int&Nord Ch Khalibadh Regnstorm "Gullan" BOS at the SW show in Gnesta !

 Judge: Annika Janson , knl Hot Isle

Int Nord Ch K Regnstorm BOS and Int Nord Ch Balzac Strålande Tider BOB

Gullan wins the Best Bitch class

Khalibadh Majsol (to the right) wins BH-2 after the BOB-winner


A new International & Scandinavian Champion !


e Int Nord Ch Bohem Flight Time u Int Nord Ch Khalibadh Eldstorm

owner: Hege Helen Sverdrup, Norge

Moa went BOB and gained her International title in Tromsö,

judge: Lotte Jörgensen, Denmark


We had a wonderful weekend at Tammsvik (236 whippets entered):

Khalibadh Vårregn (owner Ulla Engberg)

"Julle" won the open class and went BH-2 (second best dog)

under judge Michael Howgate (Palmik), GB 

  S N Ch Airescot Buccaneer, Khalibadh Vårregn and Fin S Est Ch Ashmore Whimpering Werewolf  Photo: Lisa Johansson

Khalibadh Majsol (owner Ulla Engberg) won the big Juniorclass and went BH-4 (fourth best dog) 

 under  judge Mary Beth Arthur (Marial)  USA

Ch Khalibadh Regndans (owner Lotta & Per Jeansson) was placed as BT-4 under 

judge Mary Beth Arthur (Marial) USA and BT-5 under judge Michael Howgate (Palmik) GB

On the photo of the breeder´s group below, Ch K Regndans is number 3 from the left.

From left to right: K Majsol, K Frostfjäril, Ch K Regndans and Int Nord Ch K Regnstorm